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All About Our K-1
We are still working on this site so bear with us. Now for a little info on us,
          Yingzi is from Nanning China which is in SW China just north of Viet Nam. I am
          from Tampa Florida USA. We met thru Asianfriendfinder and wrote to each
          other until we knew that we had something between us. I traveled to China
          Mid-Sept and had the time of my life there. I was made to feel like a celeberty
          by everyone I met. People there would stop me just to meet me and to try thier
          english. Well I fell head over heels for Yingzi while I was there and when I met
          her daughter I knew that I had to marry Yingzi and bring her back home with
          me. Now begins the real adventure in dealing with INS and both governments.
          It should take about 3-4 months if all go's as planned. We have recieved
          tremedous help in the news group We will be
          adding links to sites that helped us and some just for fun like our photo
          Now to update all on my adventure into the vast waste land of the Consulate in
          Guangzhou and my final victory. First to all that I said I would call your fiancé while I was
          there I offer my apology it seems I did what so many tell you to check before leaving, I
          left my address and phone book at home. Well what started as a two week trip to bring
          my fiancé home turned into a six week learning experience in absurdity. My being there
          did help her get her passport which was the first stumbling block and then onto
          Guangzhou by a 14 hour bus ride, 2 hours of it across the south China sea during some
          nasty weather that caused a few people to give their lunch back to the sea. When we
          arrived at 6 am on the 21st we checked into the Guangdong Victory hotel (35 US) and
          walked to five blocks to the consulate to see what was happening there (Mass
          Confusion). Later Mei and her daughter went for their medical at the Guangzhou medical
          college which gives you the results in one day and only cost about 25 US, but our doctor
          decide to make a little extra on the side. She OKed the daughter but told my fiancé that
          she was HIV positive but for 300 USD she would give her 3 shots to cure her. Well when
          Mei came back to the hotel and told me this I went thru the roof and went to have a little
          chat with the doctor. When I confronted her about there being no cure she changed it to a
          immune deficiency and that she could get the shots in America if the Consulate called her
          and OKed it. I then spent several hours trying to get the visa section on the phone, which
          is about as easy as getting a big mac in India, when I did get someone and told what had
          happen they said yes she could get the shots here but that they don't call the doctors so
          at that point I did what most Americans would do and ask to speak with a supervisor and
          told my story one more time and I thought I had found a friend. He did call the doctor but
          the doctor changed her story for them and said that she may be a latent carrier of an
          STD while she showed no symptoms and the blood work was not conclusive the
          Consulate decided that Mei would have to get her shots IN China which meant 3 more
          weeks there so she could get one shot a week. Needless to say the doc got her money by
          the office charges and charges for the medicine. This was to cost us most of my savings
          since going back to her home town and sending her back to the clinic each week cost
          more than the hotel did. We did learn more of the process outside the embassy since we
          had nothing to do and it rained the everyday so we stayed close to our room, talk about
          bonding, spend three weeks with your fiancé and daughter in a single room with two beds
          and a small tv with limited english programs. Well we finally got her shots and the doctor
          signed her off. The next day she went for her interview (2 hours) and was rejected and
          told to come back with a new affidavit of support, a letter from me saying that I was
          aware of her medical problem and a Five Minute Video of me speaking and writing
          Chinese. When she showed me this it was like looking at a death warrant. An Ambulance
          Chaser was standing there and overheard our conversation and said that they could help
          for 2500 USD at which I broke out laughing knowing that my CC were already over their
          limits. So I filled out an I-864 which I had with (consulate didn't have any) me and wrote a
          letter saying that I was aware of her medical problem, then for the third Item I went the
          Consulate and asked to speak with someone which I was told to go to the second floor
          and someone would help me, well they did notarize the I-864 but then laughed and said if
          the visa section want a video that I better make one (no vcr in China they use vcd's). On
          my way out I decided to walk into the visa office to speak with someone there and talked
          with a nice gentleman that said I could try to write a letter and explain my side. I wrote a
          letter telling them of how I had been in China for the past month without a translator and
          that we communicated OK and then told them I had a student from Taiwan renting a
          room from me and I had registered them in a school here to learn English and that since
          we were to live in America it was more important that they learn Enlish than me learning
          Chinese. Well the next morning she went to the window and turned all this in with her
          passport and to come back at 2pm the next day. The next day we were there with about a
          dozen other people when they started calling names of the people that were rejected and
          when they didn't call hers we were ecstatic. They then told her to come back the next day
          at 4pm to get her visa, well later that day she decided to go back and watch others get
          theirs from the day before when all of the sudden they called her name and when she
          went to the window they gave her the passports, Talk about being happy. When we got
          back to her home town of Nanning a friend said she need a medical certificate for the
          Chinese official at the airport before they would let her leave, no problem there got it in 4
          hours (doctor a personal friend). I looked at this and saw that the same questions were
          asked as on the American medical so my advice to those dealing with China that they get
          this medical before heading to Guangzhou, that way if the Doctor in Guangzhou try's
          anything you will have proof of a wrong-doing. Well I think this letter is long enough for
          now, when I get pictures developed I will sent them to the K-1 China sites so you can see
          which door is the right one and what each window is for, I also did a series of photos
          showing how the line starts at 6:30 and builds until 8:30 when the door opens. So good
          luck to all and now on to our marriage Mon. then to INS for our AOS ;~))))) Dennis &
          Mei (formerly Yingzi) and daughter AnLee --